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That was actually really funny

But you die as a fag for beating that song.

Graphics and sounds were perfect

The only problem with this movie is that it lacked a soul. There was no distinct point of this movie that made it different from any Mario Brothers movie ever made.

Yet that was the only part of the movie that was missing. Great presentation and cool mario music with some humor.

Hmmm....Very Interesting

Nice sound and a pretty cool fighting scene, although the rest was kind of weird. Anyway, nice job

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I Beat Jordan on Expert but I can't beat Standard?

-Good song choices ( I like 3 of 4)

-Notes are offset improperly
-Notes don't match the song
-Room for error is way too low (practically zero)
-Hammer on's and pulloffs???
-I don't think through the fire and flames is beatable on any mode.

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Best game since the Real Super Mario 64

This game had the great Mario 64 feeling with the classic levels and objectives. I really enjoyed that part of the game. The gameplay was decent, a little buggy at times, but being a mario fan and all, it was a job well done

Good Game......Awesome Music Addition

Although the Mario Rainbow Road music has nothing to do with piggy banks, it still works very well with this game. The music kept the game interesting and really helped out your score.

The game itself was decent, trying to get the coins in order with the piggy bank.

This game is definately on my top 25 list

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Pretty good song

I thought it was very interesting.....mostly in a good way

HouseMasta responds:

ok dude, you made your point. now stop degrading all my songs. let it go. im sorry if you feel angry at me, then IM me! id more than happy to talk. if not, then stop or... :)

just please stop

Great Song

This destroys the dirty remix of sonic

One of your better performances

Good job, I can see you spent a lot of time on it

HouseMasta responds:

thanks a lot dude! i appreciate it

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